Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Ben turned the big 3-7 yesterday.  What fun we had celebrating him!  The kids picked out his birthday card, gifts (two new Walking Dead figurines to add to his collection), and birthday balloons.  They specifically picked out a balloon that said, "Over the Hill" because they knew that meant someone was getting old.  Made me laugh. :)

Babe was the first one in our room on the morning of Ben's big day.  I can't think of a sweeter way to wake up then to hear her little voice whispering, "Happy Birthday, Daddy" and then climbing into bed to snuggle.  Love that girl.

Ben came downstairs for our morning tradition of balloons, gifts, and breakfast.  Unfortunately, Mimi got him the exact same gift I did (embroidered shorts from Belk), so he returned the pair I purchased and picked out a couple of new shirts for himself.  We didn't bother wrapping those.

Everyone was excited to open "Daryl Dixon" and "RV Zombie," though.  We laugh all the time because my kids have never seen anything remotely related to The Walking Dead or zombies (and won't for a long, long time!) but they can talk your ear off as if they had seen every episode ever released...they love these little toys!

We continued our celebration of Ben by visiting his new office and taking him to lunch at La Cazuela.

The kids and I then came home to get started on Ben's cake.  Their original plan had been to decorate a "zombie/policeman" cake.  That didn't happen.

They got so excited about the different decorating options that we ended up going with more of a "race car/horse" theme.  They never stop making me laugh.

 We ended the evening with the traditional Tuesday night celebration:  Chick-fil-a dinner and birthday cake.

 I couldn't be more thankful this man was born.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Ben!

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