Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Diving" Eggs.

According to Babe, "diving" eggs this year was "so much fun!"  I'd have to agree.

Because Friday was a school holiday, we spent the afternoon boiling eggs, wearing Easter bonnets, and counting the minutes until Ben got home from work so we could start decorating our Easter eggs!!!  Seriously...Babe and Harry waited outside for Ben to pull into the driveway.  We're serious about our egg dying over here!

 Poor Ben...he didn't even get to take his gun off before the kids were ready to get started.  He's such a good sport.

We don't really do much with our colored eggs besides sticking them in the fridge and eating on them for a few days.  When I was a kid, we would leave our dyed eggs out on Easter Eve for the Easter Bunny to hide around the house and then have a race in the morning to see who could find all of "their" eggs first...it was tons of fun and makes for a great memory, but it's just not something we've incorporated into our own traditions. 


I love sitting around the table, though, and talking and laughing and creating messes with our crazy brood of kids.  I can't wait until Thatcher is old enough to join in. 

For us, it's a great way to spend time together as we prepare for Easter Sunday!

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