Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It was low-key; just the way we like it.

We put Emmy to bed.

We made cookies.  Sugar ones, with icing and sprinkles.  We're always looking for a reason to decorate cookies around these parts.

We played Sorry.  Harris won.

And the Ben and Babe played one of Hadley's games, "Twirl the Girl."  Basically, Ben had to "twirl" Hadley as quickly as he could.  According to Had, she won.

We watched the Chick-fil-a Bowl and drank "bubbly."

And by 11:30, everyone was fading fast.  We snuggled up on the couch together to watch the peach drop.  Babe got her pot ready to bang, but Harris was too tired to be interested.

We did all gather up enough energy to countdown, give kisses, and run outside to bang Babe's pot and say, "Happy New Year!"  Or, as Hadley calls it, "Noon Year."

And then we came in, turned everything off, put the pots away, and all climbed into the bed Ben and me share to fall asleep. 

Pretty perfect way to ring in 2013, if you ask me.

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