Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Spaghetti Dinner.

We were able to drop by the annual Primrose Spaghetti Dinner last week.  Surprisingly, ours was the only family from Hadley's class who actually made it to the dinner.  I'm fairly certain the weather had something to do with the low turnout...but since Babe and I were already out attending "Educator Appreciation Night" at the Twin Rivers basketball game, we headed on over despite the wind and rain.  I live for the free meal, remember?

We had a nice time eating spaghetti, marvelling at Hadley's "Sistine Chapel" artwork, and chatting with Ms. Audra.

Emmy chowed down on her spaghetti and meatballs, and I'm quite certain Harris went back for "seconds" three times.

We finished eating fairly quickly, which meant the kids were able to play around Babe's classroom for a few minutes.  Hadley was so proud to be able to show Harris and Emmy was sweet to get to watch her take the spotlight for a little bit.

Emmy enjoyed being a "big girl," which is something she does on a daily basis.  Doe sincerely believes she can do anything that anyone else can do...which, on this night, included sitting on the sofa in the "library center."

It was cute to watch her climb up and sit down.  Babe and Harry were also reading books, so I left the three of them to enjoy themselves and took a seat a few feet away with Ben and Ms. Audra.

And then we heard the thud.  And the screams. 

And then Ben picked up Emmy Doe and I almost vomited in my mouth.  The goose egg on her forehead, after literally five seconds, was the size of a half dollar and stuck out (thank God!) from her forehead at least 2.5 inches.  Not what I was expecting to see!!!!

I was concerned for her head, of course, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that one of the first thoughts that ran through my head was, "This huge knot is going to be there for all of our pictures with Thatcher!"

Thankfully, the staff at Primrose are super helpful and Ben is able to remain calm and levelheaded in situations where I struggle. 

Emmy ended up being just fine (although she does have a large bruise right above her eye) and, after the initial fifteen minutes were over, hasn't let the incident phase her in the least.

Bring on baby #4!

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