Saturday, November 5, 2011

Game Day!

We met the crew for breakfast burritos as we geared up for a win over New Mexico State today.  The kids were able to get in a little cornhole action and enjoy some time with our "younger" adult friends before we headed to the stadium.

I still can't believe that both kiddos get to tag along with Ben and me whenever they're able.  I never, ever thought we'd bring them so often, but they get so excited about Game Day that it's impossible to say no.

My two favorite parts of the day, in fact, include both Harry and Babe.  On our way to the stadium this morning, Hadley, while riding on Ben's shoulders, led the crowd in a cheer (Hadley:  "Georgia!", Ben, Biggie Chase, and other bystanders:  "Bulldogs!") and Harris shook his little bootie and danced like a fool every time he heard musc inside the stadium today.

Of course, we indulged in cotton candy and pizza, and the Bulldogs "almost got all the way to 100 points," so a fun time was had by all.

We even ended the day with a stop by Mema's house, which is always a treat.

Harris, I'm sure, has already begun counting down the days to the Kentucky game, while Miss Priss will have to settle for coming back next season.

Goooooooo Dawgs!!!

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