Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Boy.

I can't lie.

Our choice for Harris to attend Primrose's Private Kindergarten program this year has not been cheap. 

But if the last seven days are the slightest bit indicative of how his year goes, it will be worth every single penny.

He even asked me today if I could pick him up a little bit later because he is having "so, so fun" and wants a little more time to play.

He has come home every day talking about Venn diagrams and nocturnal animals and ABBA patterns and rhyming words and how to say "What is the weather like?" in Spanish.

He loves that place.  I do, too. 

Yesterday he asked Ben and me if he could participate in "PlayBall," one of Primrose's extracurricular activities.  According to Harris, they do "really tough stuff" at PlayBall.  There is a small additional fee associated with the program, so we worked out a deal with Harry:  he can earn the monthly PlayBall fee by feeding the dogs every single morning.

I've never seen him so stoked to get anything done!

I am so, so proud of my responsible little guy.  In addition to feeding the dogs, we've also added clearing the table and loading the dishwasher after dinner as his "I have to do this because I live here" chore.  I smile every night when he gets up from the table, takes a big, deep breath, and gets to work.

We're counting down the days until we can add laundry and yardwork.  :)

Maybe having my kiddos grow up isn't such a bad thing after all.


  1. learning to do laundry @ 16yo was one of CK's birthday presents...from then on she's handled her own washing, hanging and putting away. It's amazing how many of her college friends have NEVER done their laundry...so she's been teaching them, hahah!
    So proud of Harris! <3 me some Primrose ;) (you know, Dolores and Mandy were 2 of CK's teachers when she was there)

  2. I am so glad he loves it!! That's wonderful!