Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Settling In.

We've developed a bit of a routine here over the last couple of weeks.  Of course, I'm sure once I actually put it in print something will change, but I'm willing to take the risk.  I've got to give some credit to my super fancy phone app, too...I am amazed with what that thing can do!!!  It has made keeping track of sleeping and eating an absolute breeze and spits out the most incredible stats at the end of the day.  Baby ESP.  Totally worth the $4.99.


I'm learning to treasure the time I get to spend with Emmy one-on-one and I know I'll miss it like crazy when it's time to return to work, even though my BWF (best work friend) withdrawals are starting to kick in.

Anyway, here's how our days have been looking lately:

-7:30ish:  Emmy's ready to get up, regardless of when she last nursed.  Works for me.

-7:45:  Ben and Harris leave for work and school.

-8:00-8:15ish:  Nurse Emmy and pump.

-8:15-8:45:  Get dressed, get Babe dressed, change Emmy's diaper, and out the door to drop Hadley off at Ginnell's.

-9:00-10:00:  Walk the mall.  I'm loving this part of my day!!! :)  Emmy naps.

-10:00-3:00:  Lots of napping for Emmy.  Some nursing.  I eat lunch, do laundry, work on church stuff, watch my DVR'd "Ellen" from the day before, shower, run name it, I get it done!

-3:00-3:30ish:  Pick up Harry and Babe.  Come home, snack, play Wii with the big kids, awake time for Emmy, wait for Daddy to get home!

-5:30ish:  Daddy's home!  Emmy goes back to sleep.  Dinner, hanging out.

7:30ish:  Emmy's up again!  Baths for all kiddos every other night.  Songs, prayers, and bedtime for the biggies.  Daddy, Emmy, and I hang out and catch up with each other, watch tv, and chill, most of the time in our bedroom.

9:00ish:  Bedtime for Emmy.  And we start all over again the next day. :)

During the day, Emmy's nursing about every 3 hours.  We're getting better and better at night, too!  Last night she even had a 5-hour stretch, which was heavenly. 

I have learned that when napping, she much prefers to be in her pack and play.  She's not a fan of sleeping in the swing or her bouncy seat or really even in anyone's arms...I just lay her down and she's good to go.  The car seat's a good sleeping place, too, of course...she still can't fight the movement of the car or stroller.

What fun it is to discover new things about her personality every day. 

I love being a Mom.  Even when I'm really tired.

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