Thursday, January 19, 2012

100 Days.

Evidently, today is the 100th day of school. 

And evidently, this is a big deal.

Harry's class is celebrating today with a "100th Day Party!"  I'm not quite sure exactly what it is they'll be doing, but we had to send in $3 and 100 items divided into groups of fives or tens.

Harris wanted to bring one hundred dollar bills.

I talked him to marshmallows.

We divided them into groups of five, and then into groups of ten.  I'm blown away by the things this boy is learning in Kindergarten Math.  In addition to counting by 2s, and 5s, and 10s, he's adding, subtracting, and has an excellent grasp of the greater than/less than/equal to concept...including those crazy little signs you put between the two numbers. 

I distinctly remember learning those little symbols in Ms. Meyer's second grade class.  It was the same year I cheated on a spelling quiz by hiding my list of words underneath my wrapping paper fundraiser packet.

I think it was also the same year I had to grasp the concept of syllables.  Not easy for me.

Anyway, Happy 100 Days!

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